and Gelato!!

503 New North road


Ph.09 8153834

contact: [email protected]

We open TUE -SUN from 430pm to 930pm

Lunch Friday 12-230pm

Genuine...…..simply Italian!

Tuesday and Wednesday any pasta or pizza $13.

Available only to order by phone 8153834 or email at [email protected] FORZA RAGAZZI.

No delivery available with this promotion.


Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world. As the impact of this situation grows in the communities where we do business, we would like to share the steps that we’re taking to keep our Employees and Customers safe.

At our restaurants , nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our Customers and our family of employees

In our restaurants, we are putting a great deal of emphasis on the procedures that support our high standards in the areas of cleanliness and health. Some of the most important areas of focus are:

Ensuring that our excellent handwashing practices are rigorously followed

Strictly requiring employees who don’t feel well to stay home from work

Frequently disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in all areas of our restaurants

Additionally, we have asked each of our employees to inform us of exposure to anyone diagnosed with coronavirus, or of any international travel. When appropriate, we will exclude employees from work to confirm that they are not infected with the virus.

In the restaurant we are taking steps to preventing the contamination of the vir​us by making sure that dining tables are positioned at least 2mt away from each other.

Where and when possible a hand sanitizer available for our customers.

Every day, we hold ourselves to very high cleanliness and health standards that are designed to maintain a safe and healthy environment in our restaurants.

We are ready to initiate further measures that will make a positive difference, as they become known.

we are committed to doing what’s right to protect our Customers and employees and to do our part in preventing transmission of Coronavirus.

Thank you to our loyal Customers for your continued confidence and trust in our people and restaurant


Now Italian Gelato by Charlie's Gelato available 

We believe that a truly dining experience has to end with our ice cream made by one the best ice cream maker in New Zealand and proudly we have been chosen to be the only restaurant in Auckland City to offer it.

To dine in or to take out in waffle cones, cups or tubs. Delizioso.

Chocolate-Pistacchio-Hazelnuts-Sweet and salty-Chocomint-Vanilla-Lemon-Blueberry-Strawberry-Mango.